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The photo was taken 2nd July 2007: Isabelle, Adéline, Béatrice, Svante, Geneviève, Emelie, Sophia, Christian, Sebastian, Michael, Christoffer, Astrid with Baloo?, Louise. Albin was out of field, Alexandra was in Florida, and Cecilia was abscent. Not yet born: Neo , Milton , Wilja , Noah

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Enevold Falsen

1935 - 2022 ✝




Portraits & Info.  

Portraits & Documents

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Falle Pedersen (1625-1702) - no portrait available - married Elisabeth Eskildsdatter Dalhus (1661- 1725) Ten children, several with descendance. Johan Eskiel (1689 - 1758) and Enevold (1695-1761) were enobled in 1758. (Enevold's portrait to the right)

Slegten Falsen  
Del I
Main branch
& Index:


Slekttre av Dankert Krohn Holm  
More about our roots
Stamforeldre  The story of Store Östrup gaard   Store Östrup gaard 2019   Kirkerup kirke 2019   Falle Pedersen   Elisabeth Dalhus   Jan Eschild de Falsen    Enevold de Falsen d.e. (portrait to the left)

Christian Magnus de Falsen (1719-1799) came to Norway in 1765.(portrait) His grave is in Gamlebyen
CM married Else Thestrup (1729-1799)(portrait)

Slekten Thestrup
Slekten Cold
Rasmus Thestrup  Rasmus
Christian Magnus de Falsen d.e. (portrait to the left) 
Else Thestrup (portrait to the left)   Christian Thestrup  Isaac Andreas Cold 

Enevold de Falsen (1755-1808) has 4722 known descendants, but because of unions between cousins there are at least 697 duplicates in a normally produced descending tree, namely 140 due to the union of George & Julie, and 557 due to the union of Johanne & Christian.

Steigen 1789-1791


   Enevold de Falsen f. 1755 (portrait to the left)    hans hustru:Anna Henrikke Petronella Mathiesen (portrait to the left)   og hennes far:Jörgen Mathiesen  More about the Mathiesen family  Linderud
Branch 1

Christian Magnus Falsen (1782-1830).
There are now 2269 descendants (including spouses) in this database. I.e. in all probably >1500 direct descendants. This branch includes subbranches of the families Krohn, Langaard, Lassen, Sundt, Hartwig, Schröder, Lange, Sinding-Larsen, ...

Christian Magnus' son, Georg married Hagbarth's daughter, Julie,

Malerinnen Mimi Falsen
E-book for The family Krohn
Elisabeth Lange's aner 
Vivi Lange's tree  Lange 1917
Thomas Schiötz slektbok fra 1992.
Familien Sinding-Larsens slektsbok
Familien Aars  

Slegten Falsen  
Del I

Einar Östvedt's bok om CMF


EMF 1810

CMF graves  restored 

17mai tale 2014

10. jan 2014
Seminar 15. mars 2014 
All participants 
Identified on photo 
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9 barn, 27 barnbarn, 
76 oldebarn
  154 tippoldebarn

Romerikes Blad  1814  NSF

1. Christian Magnus Falsen , his first wife: Anna Birgitte Munch   and his children:   1.2. Envold Munch Falsen   1.3. Anne Birgitte Falsen gift Lange   1.4. Conrad Falsen   1.5. Henrik Anton Falsen   1.6. Georg Benjamin Falsen --- and CMF's grandchildren:  1.2.1. Anna Christiane Elisabeth Falsen married Krohn   1.2.2. Christian Magnus Falsen   1.2.4. Elise Nicoline 'Nina' Falsen married Schröder   1.2.8. Olaf Frithiof Gjerdrum Falsen   1.2.11. Envold Munch Falsen d.y.   1.3.2. Emmeli Lange married Schiötz   1.3.3. Elisabeth Lange married Sinding-Larsen   1.3.4. Ida Charlotte Lange married Knap   1.3.6. Bernt Christoffer Lange and wife:   1.3.6.+ Sophie Arneberg   1.3.7. Christine Mathilde Kailhau Lange married Ruenæs   1.3.8. Balthazar Conrad Lange   1.4.1. Conradine Vilhelmine Falsen   1.5.2. Conrad Falsen   1.6.2. Hagbarth Falsen   1.6.4. Elisabeth 'Lizzie' Falsen married Konow  -- and the greatgrandchildren: Anna Marie Schiötz Sigrid Schiötz  More in the confidential folder ! Ask for access.
Branch 3

Jörgen Conrad de Falsen (1785 - 1849) has 59 known descendants

Slegten Falsen  
Del II


3. Jörgen Conrad de Falsen  hans sönn: 3.1. Enevold de Falsen  barnbarn:3.1.1. Hansine Josephine de Falsen   3.1.2. Malvine Cecilia Georgette de Falsen
Branch 4

Carl Valentin Falsen (1787 - 1852) now has 510 known descendants. I have recently made substantial progress with this branch !

Slegten Falsen  
Del II

4. Carl Valentin Falsen  hans sönner:  4.2. Jens Kaasböll Falsen   4.4. Carl Valentin Falsen  og deres barnbarn: 4.2.1. Laura Nikoline Marie 'Nina' Falsen gift Coucheron   4.2.2. Caroline Louise 'Lulla' Falsen gift Konow  4.4.2.: Emilie Magdalene Falsen gift Finne   4.4.3. Anna Louise Susanne Falsen gift Gram   4.4.4. Carl Valentin Falsen gift med Sigrid Amble   4.4.6. Marie Julie Caroline Falsen gift Gram
Branch 5

Haagine de Falsen (1790 - 1851) has 574 known descendants. Haagine's daughther, Johanne married Hagbarth's son Christian
Hanne Möllers dagbok

Slegten Falsen; Del III
Th. Bull: Hvem var Den smukke Madame Möller ?

5. Haagine de Falsen  and spouse 5.+ Johan Carl von Möller   his mother: Christiane Frederike de Frisch  and Christiane Frederike de Frisch's 3rd husband Nicolai Michaëlsen and Johan and Haagine's children: 5.3. Johanne Elisabeth 'Hanne' Möller  5.4. Envold Möller
Branch 6

Hagbarth de Falsen (1791 - 1836) has 1170 known descendants (minus some duplication in the von der Goltz branch).
Hagbarth's son, Christian married Haagines daughter, Johanne.
Hagbarth's daughter, Julie married Christian Magnus' son Georg.
and 'Julie's daughter 'Lizzie' married Carl Konow.
Therefore there is an important duplication between the branches of Haagine and Hagbarth

Slegten Falsen  
Del III 

Slegten Mohr
Slektene Bull
Slekten Konow
'Beth' Falsen

6. Hagbarth de Falsen,   hans hustru: 6+. Alhed 'Alette' Fleischer   Alette Fleischers farfar:Töger Christian Fleischer   hans barn: 6.4. Christian Balthazar Falsen   6.5. Alette Falsen gift Mohr   6.7. Julie Falsen gift Falsen   6.8. Georgette Falsen gift Benzon   og hans barnbarn: 6.4.2. Gine Falsen gift Bull   6.4.4. Johanne Elisabeth 'Betty' Falsen gift Hjort   6.4.5. Hagbart Falsen   6.5.1. Augusta Christiane Mohr gift Döscher   6.5.2. Alette Helene Mohr gift Wiesener   6.7.2. Hagbarth Falsen   6.7.4. Elisabeth 'Lizzie' Falsen gift Konow   6.8.1. Jörgine 'Aletta' Nielsine von Benzon gift Bull  and Hagbarth & Alette's greatgrandchildren: Theodor Bull
Branch 6

Johanne Elisabeth 'Betty' Falsen married Johan Storm Aubert Hjort. The Falsen-Hjort subbranch counts 528 descendants. Their son, Johan Hjort married Wanda Maria von der Marwitz and their daughters married Graf Rüdiger von der Goltz and Georg-Conrad Graf von der Goltz, both established in Germany
Link to more information on von der Marwitz and von der Goltz

Slekten Hjort  
Otto Hjort, 1912   J.B. Hjort, 1969   Johan 100 år I   Wanda Heger, 1984   Ivo de Figueiredo, 2002   Hjort_open   Hjort_closed

5.3.4. = 6.4.4. Johanne Elisabeth 'Betty' Falsen ; married  Johan Storm Aubert Hjort Their son = Johan Hjort married  Wanda Maria von der Marwitz  Johan & Wanda had 4 children: Johan Bernhard Hjort  Astrid Marie Betty Hjort  Erling Falsen Hjort  Wanda Hjort  Betty & Johan's datter Helen Hjort giftet seg i Danmark  Betty & Johan's sön Alf reiste til USA og barn 5,  Ove Hjort    Go to special Hjort, von der Marwitz, von der Goltz page    Please send me high resolution family photos ! and some photos need identifications

Börs Christian C Börs (1746-1826) has 247 descendants. My database is largely in harmony with the family book   Foto fra Bergen Berit Börs:
Familien Börs

more on Børs

  Story    Dress  Expo

Christian C Börs  his son:  Christian Börs  his grandson:  Thorbjörn LS Börs and wife:  Martha Helmers and her father:  Jacob Busch Helmers and   Christian Börs  Christian og Annie's fire barn:  Christian Börs (1894-1980)  Martha Dahm Börs gift Falsen (1896-1985)  Einar Dahm Börs (1899-1987)  Annie Constance Dahm_Börs gift Ottesen (1901-1982) 
Dahm Ivar Albrecht Dam (1710-?) has 451 descendants. Family book by Berit & Christian Börs, 2005. Frederick Gram: Slekten fra Ask.

There is now a provisional 'Slekten Dahm' ver. 4
more on Dahm


Iver Albert Dahm (1786-1862) at Jægersberg, his wife:  Johanne Cathrine 'Trine' Olrog,   their son: Claudius Dahm   The son-in-law of Claudius: William Whinfield Johnson   the son of William Whinfield: Thomas Whinfield J Johnson   and Claudius Dahm's brothers: Severin Payinck Dahm   and: Edward Dahm  fattiglegen   Reinholdine Elise 'Ninna' Gram   Edvard Dahm's daughter: Johanne Fredrikke Dahm   and Johanne F's son: Ivar Vogt
Clement Hansen (1724-1798) has 604 descendants (dublication remains to be determined). Rasmus Holmsen har 202 (m/ektefeller 299) etterkommere. Holm Hanssön har 392 (669). Holleby Gods
Gudrun Jölsen: Slekten Holmsen, Oslo 1934.
Slekten Holmsen ver. 6 (confidential) Torshov (ask for permission)   farmor


Jens Roll Hansen   Rasmus Holmsen  Johanne Hansen  Paul Christoffer Lindemann  Alfhild_Falkenberg
Lange 3 family books exist for the Norwegian family Lange August_J._Marsh: The Lange Family 1525-2005

  Oversikt  The American branch